The NISM Research Analyst weightage is an important part of the overall preparation. We have taken care to ensure our NISM Research Analyst study material also carry similar weightage, to ensure the student is able to prepare accordingly.

Lesson Description Weightage
1 Introduction to Research Analyst Profession 3%
2 Introduction to Securities Market 4%
3  Terminology in Equity and Debt Markets 4%
4 Fundamentals of Research 5%
5 Economic Analysis 10%
6 Industry Analysis 10%
7 Company Analysis – Business and Governance 8%
8 Company Analysis – Quantitative Dimensions 16%
9 Corporate Actions 5%
10 Valuation Principles 16%
11 Fundamentals of Risk and Return 5%
12 Qualities of a good Research Report 4%
13 Legal and Regulatory Environment 10%

NISM Series XV : Research Analyst exam preparation options

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