This is the approximate weghtage for every Lesson in the NISM X-A series examination.

Module No. Module /Chapter Names  Marks / Weightage
Module 1 Personal Financial Planning
37 (24.67%)
Chapter 1 Introduction to Personal Financial Planning
Chapter 2 Time Value of Money
Chapter 3 Cash Flow Management and Budgeting
Chapter 4 Debt Management and Loans
Module 2 Indian Financial Markets
10 (6.67%)
Chapter 5 Introduction to Indian Financial Markets
Chapter 6 Securities Market Segments
Module 3 Investment Products
30 (20%)
Chapter 7 Introduction to Investments
Chapter 8 Investing in Stocks
Chapter 9 Investing in Fixed Income Securities
Chapter 10 Understanding Derivatives
Module 4 Investment Through Managed Portfolio
23 (15.33%)
Chapter 11 Mutual Fund
Chapter 12 Portfolio Manager
Chapter 13 Overview of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)
Module 5 Portfolio Construction, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
20 (13.33%)
Chapter 14 Introduction to Modern Portfolio Theory
Chapter 15 Portfolio Construction Process
Chapter 16 Portfolio Performance measurement and evaluation
Module 6 Operations, Regulatory Environment, Compliance And Ethics
30 (205)
Chapter 17 Operational Aspects of Investment Management
Chapter 18 Key Regulations
Chapter 19 Ethical Issues
Chapter 20 Grievance Redress Mechanism

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