Question Bank: Equity Derivatives NISM Series VIII - validity 60 days


Question Bank: Equity Derivatives NISM Series VIII – validity 60 days


Build competence in Equity Derivatives and successfully clear NISM Equity Derivative Certification Examination with our Question Banks and Mock Tests.
• More than 500 updated questions, with Topic wise scoring.
• Detailed and updated Payoff charts, Derivatives basics and strategy explanations.
• 2 Mock Tests, that simulate live exam conditions
• Detailed explanation to learn and revise concepts.
• Personalised problem solving and attention



Equity derivatives are mandatory to clear, for any individual functioning as approved users and sales personnel of the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange.
The examination is the requisite standard for individuals and professionals engaged with trading members of equity derivatives exchanges or in equity derivatives with a recognised exchange as a user or a sales personnel.
The examination provides students and finance industry professionals with a strong foundation in:
  • Derivatives market
  • Equity derivatives
  • Futures, Forwards and Options: Basics, Pay off charts and Strategies
  • Introduction to trading systems, clearing and settlement systems
  • Legal and regulatory environment in securities and derivatives markets in India.


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