Investment Adviser Level 1: NISM Series X-A Certification Examination

Online exam preparation and study material for Investment Adviser Certification. • More than 3 hours of video lectures. • Topic-wise Question Bank & Mock tests, more than 500 questions. • Live examples and working on Microsoft Excel. • Self-study handouts for revision. • Personalised attention throughout the course.




  • End of topic quiz and explanations for all 12 topics.
  • 500 Questions and 2 Mock-Test under real exam conditions.
  • Answers with detailed explanations to understand concepts and for revision.
  • Individual attention to brush up on weak areas.

Price starts at Rs. 299


  • 3 hours of video lectures.
  • Challenges and Quizzes to revise and brush up on the material.
  • 500 Questions with 2 Mock-Test under real exam conditions.
  • Handouts to revise and understand concepts
  • Learn formula and calculations with recorded Microsoft Excel examples
  • Personalised attention on individual topics.

Price: Rs. 699 Rs. 1099


  • Free Sample Test
  • Check your exam preparation.
  • 20 questions covering every topic.
  • Timed test with negative marks, based on Exam Pattern.


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