Investment Adviser (Level 1): NISM Series X-A Certification Examination

Investment Adviser (Level 1): NISM Series X-A Certification Examination

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The current course content is valid till September 30th 2021. Candidates planning to take the exam after 1st October should wait for the updated material.
Wealth management and investment advisory services have gained prominence and respect, in India. Investment Adviser, Level 1 and Level 2 exams are conducted by National Institute of Securities Market. These exams are mandatory to clear, to work as a SEBI registered Investment Adviser.
Investment Adviser certificate holder, also gain access to tremendous wealth management and financial planning job opportunities with leading Banks, Financial Institutions and Non-banking Financial Institutions (NBFCs)
Objectives of the exam:
  • A learner will learn and understand the basics of investment advisory and wealth management financial planning.
  • Understand the financial planning process, with detail insights into asset allocation, portfolio management, retirement and insurance planning.
  • Evaluate and learn about income tax and estate planning procedures, law and practice.

    Syllabus updated May 2021

* Please note print out or download of the videos / question bank in any form is not allowed *

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Course Materials


  • 3 hours of video lectures.
  • Recorded workings and examples on Microsoft Excel.
  • Handouts to enhance learning and understand concepts.


  • Challenges and 120 + quiz questions to help you revise.
  • 2 Mock-Test with 200 questions under real exam conditions.
  • Answers with detailed explanations to understand concepts and revise.


  • One-to-one guidance.
  • Simplify and learn difficult concepts with webinars and masterclasses by our experts


Price: Rs. 599 Rs. 1099

I have scored 80.25 percent. Yes your online course is useful.

  • Excellent online course.
  • Mock test is very useful.
  • Student , who opt for your course will clear the exam.
  • your online course is more than sufficient.
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M. Arunachalam - Tamil Nadu

NISM Investment Adviser Level 1
I hereby to inform and confirm that I have availed the mock test papers prepared by Cubelearn for NISM Level 1 exam.

I have secured 82%.and the model test papers of Cubelearn is excellent and was quite useful and also advise other prospective candidates to make use of the same. Besides the above my personal thanks to Mr Nilabh for the quick, positive and proactive feedback given by him whenever I approached him.

S. Badrinath - Bengaluru

NISM Investment Adviser Level 1
Thankyou, your Investment Adviser course helped me in preparing and clearing my exam in record time. Really very helpful.

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Tarun Gupta - Pune

NISM Investment Adviser Level 1
Investment Adviser course has helped me to understand Financial planning, Investment Advisory, tax planning. The best part of this course has given me in depth knowledge through practical Mock session over all aspects of Financial planning & flawless video tutorial. I would like to thank Cubelearn for this excellent online course which has saved my time as I am a working professional. Looking forward to enrol for more NISM Online courses.

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Souvik Bhaumik - Bangalore

NISM Investment Adviser Level 1
The exam and practice questions were good, but the explanations really helped me revise and understand the important aspects of the examination.

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Rajat Mishra - Jaipur

NISM Investment Adviser Level 1
Sir, the Investment Adviser course helped me with clearing the NISM Investment Adviser Level 1 course, and also clarifying a lot of finance fundamentals. The video explanations and speed and delivery of the course was really good, and I would recommend it to all learners.

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Rajiv Kamble - Thane

NISM Investment Adviser Level 1
It is another thing to go through and keep on revising the workbook, solving the practice questions or taking the mock test was a different level for my preparations. It helped me with the practical aspect of the exam preparation.

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Prthiraj Sen - Kolkata

NISM Investment Adviser Level 1

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